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Ultimate Solutions consists of the the following insurance industry related companies:

Ultimate Healthcare Solutions, Inc. provides workers compensation nurse case management and consulting.

Ultimate Claims Service, Inc. provides property insurance claim consulting and specializes in first party propery losses. Visit the web site at UltimateClaims.com

Ultimate Claim Solutions, Inc. provides internet and web based claim solutions. It is the owner and developer of FastTrackClaimŪ and a patent titled "Method of Expediting Insurance Claims."

The FastTrackClaimŪ online property claim adjusting process is a web based patented business process. It provides insurance and risk management with a web based First Notice of Loss. Its patented process is expected to automate and revolutionize the property claim reporting and claim adjusting process.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted US Patent 7,203,654 titled "Method of Expediting Insurance Claims" on April 10, 2007. Divisional Application 11709649 is pending.

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Ultimate Claims Service

Dale Menendez

US Patent No. 7203654