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Ultimate Claim Solutions, Inc. is the owner and developer of FastTrackClaim®. This is a patented business process for first notice of loss and automating property insurance and risk management type losses/claims.

It has the potential to be a single website with access by any insured or agent for the purposes of filing a property insurance claim with any insurance company. Currently it can be licensed to others exclusively or limited and may be sold in whole or part.

Ultimate Claim Solutions, Inc. is an Illinois S Corporation, Incorporated March 2000.

FastTrackClaim® is a registered service mark of Ultimate Claim Solutions, Inc. with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. It was approved July 20, 2004 and given registration number 2865749, and serial number 78245441.

The following FastTrackClaim® domain names are owned by Ultimate Claim Solutions, Inc.:

fasttrackclaim.com, fasttrackclaims.com, fasttrackclaim.net, fasttrackclaims.net, fasttrackclaim.biz, fasttrackclaims.biz, fasttrackclaim.cc, fasttrackclaim.info, fasttrackclaims.info, fasttrackclaim.org, fasttrackclaims.org, fasttrackclaim.tv, fasttrackclaim.us, fasttrackclaims.us, fasttrackclaim.ws, fasttrackclaim.co.nz, fasttrackclaim.co.uk, fasttrackclaim.jp, fasttrackclaim.mobi, fasttrackclaim.net.nz, fasttrackclaim.org.nz, fasttrackclaim.org.uk

The patent,"Method of Expediting Insurance Claims", was approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on April 10, 2007 and assigned Patent No. US 7,203,654. A Division Application is still pending. It is filed under patent application number 11709649. The inventor is Dale Menendez. The patent was filed by Jon P. Christensen of Welsh & Katz, LTD , a Chicago law firm specializing in intellectual property. Additional information on the patent and the claims filed may be made available to seriously interested parties.

There are three “claim” prototypes available that are written in ASP code with a SQL Server database. The three prototypes are for property claims on (1) personal lines, (2) commercial lines and (3) self-insured. The self-insured is designed for national or global retailers. These prototypes were programmed by a Chicago company. The invention, diagrams, drawings, business and property claim adjusting rules were completed by Dale Menendez.

The FastTrackClaim.com website is currently hosted by Uni Marketing Alliance, Inc. DBA Webhost4Life.com with facilities in California. There is no contract that prevents limits or restricts expansion of the FastTrackClaim® system or business.

Anyone interested in Ultimate Claim Solutions and FastTrackClaim® should contact Dale@UltimateClaims.com or call 847-516-0076.